Mortgage Rate Trend Index


Will rates go up, down or remain unchanged?

Holden LewisHolden Lewis
Senior reporter,
Rates dipped this week, and the decline probably represented an overreaction to a bad jobs report. I expect rates to return to where they were before the jobs report was released.
Cameron FindlayCameron Findlay
Chief economist,, Charlotte, N.C.
We are seeing a higher concentration of borrowers buying down their rate, despite already low rates. Pending legislation may inhibit that as a viable alternative for borrowers by capping the APR equivalent total points and fees.
Dan GreenDan Green
Waterstone Mortgage, author of, Cincinnati
Mortgage rates remain range-bound and we're bouncing off the lows -- for the third time in a year.
Steven LevittSteven Levitt
Vice president of mortgage lending, Guaranteed Rate, Chicago
After a rally with bonds over the past few weeks, the following week will see investors going in another direction, causing a slight increase in rates.
Jim SahngerJim Sahnger
Mortgage consultant, Palm Beach Financial Network, Stuart, Fla.
Rates are incredible and there is no real benefit in waiting or hoping for rates to decline from here. The greatest risk is to be burned from rates spiking higher.
Chris SipeChris Sipe
Senior loan officer, Embrace Home Loans, Frederick, Md.
The market has already priced in the worst-case scenario in Europe -- uncertainty there has been huge in driving rates lower. Rates have a lot of room to move up, but not much room to move lower. Therefore, the risks of higher rates outweigh the rewards of lower rates in the near term. Rates at these levels are simply unsustainable and have to go up from here.

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