2009 Spring Car Guide
Hybrids not only gas solution

SmartWay vehicles (continued)
Model1Engine/Trans2Fuel Grade3MPG4AFC5SmartWay
Mini Cooper/ Clubman1.6-AP25/34$1,19514
Mini Cooper/ Clubman1.6-MP25/34$1,08514
Mini Cooper S/Clubman S1.6-AP28/37$1,33413
Mini Cooper S/Clubman S1.6-MP28/37$1,19514
Mitsubishi Lancer2.0-MR22/30$1,24813
Nissan Altima2.5-AR23/31$1,20113
Nissan Altima2.5-MR23/32$1,20114
Nissan Versa1.8-CR27/33$1,07614
Nissan Versa1.8-AR24/32$1,15413
Nissan Versa1.8-MR26/31$1,11414
Pontiac G31.6-AR25/34$1,11414
Pontiac G31.6-MR25/34$1,03914
Pontiac G52.2-AR24/33$1,15413
Pontiac G52.2-MR25/35$1,07614
Pontiac G5 GT2.2-AR23/32$1,20113
Pontiac G5 GT2.2-MR25/35$1,07613
Pontiac G5 XFE2.2-MR25/37$1,03914
Pontiac G62.4-AR22/33$1,20113
Pontiac Vibe1.8-AR26/31$1,11414
Pontiac Vibe1.8-MR26/32$1,11414
Saturn Astra1.8-AR24/30$1,15413
Saturn Astra1.8-MR24/32$1,15413
Saturn Aura2.4-AR22/33$1,20113
Scion xD1.8-AR26/32$1,11414
Scion xD1.8-MR27/33$1,07614
Suzuki SX42.0-AR23/31$1,20113
Suzuki SX42.0-MR22/30$1,24813
Toyota Camry2.4-AR21/31$1,24813
Toyota Camry2.4-MR23/31$1,24813
Toyota Corolla1.8-AR27/35$1,03914
Toyota Corolla1.8-MR26/35$1,03914
Toyota Corolla2.4-AR22/30$1,24813
Toyota Corolla2.4-MR22/30$1,24813
Kia Rio1.6-AR26/35$1,03914
Toyota Matrix1.8-AR25/31$1,11414
Toyota Matrix1.8-MR26/32$1,11414
Toyota Yaris1.5-AR29/35$1,00814
Toyota Yaris1.5-MR29/36$97714
Volkswagen EOS2.0-MP21/31$1,38613
Volkswagen GTi2.0-MP21/31$1,38613
Volkswagen Jetta2.0-MP21/31$1,38613
Volkswagen Jetta2.5-MP21/30$1,30113
Volkswagen Passat CC2.0-MP21/31$1,38613
Volkswagen Rabbit2.5-MR21/30$1,30113
1All model information is for versions meeting federal standards rather than California or regional standards. California-certified versions have higher SmartWay scores.
2Engine displacement in liters. A: Automatic; M: Manual; C: Continuous variable transmission.
3Manufacturer's recommended fuel grade. P: Premium; R: Regular.
4EPA fuel economy estimate.
5EPA estimated annual fuel cost based on 15,000 miles per year at $2.08 per gallon.



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