Daily tax tip

Tax Tip No. 73
Tax bill too big? IRS offers payment options
If this year's tax filing deadline will be a "pay" day for you and you don't have the cash, the IRS gives you several payment options. Full story
No. 17 steps to take on Day 1 of tax season 2007
No. 2Alternative minimum tax land mines
No. 3Choosing your tax return form
No. 4Who has to file a tax return?
No. 5Filing status makes a difference
No. 6Properly defined dependents can pay off
No. 7Some tax help in caring for an aging parent
No. 8Getting full tax credit for your children
No. 9Ways to electronically file your taxes
No. 10Picking the proper tax software
No. 11What are your e-paying options?
No. 12Deducing the best deduction method
No. 13Triple tax-refund saving option
No. 14Tax breaks for gas savers
No. 15Tax documents on the way!
No. 16Household help tax deadline
No. 17A few items escape the IRS, but not many
No. 18Tax costs for poorly timed stock transactions
No. 19Getting a replacement W-2
No. 20Getting financial tax account info
No. 21How to adjust your withholding
No. 22Deducting mortgage loan points
No. 23Win your office Super Bowl pool?
No. 24The IRS can help in disastrous times
No. 25Maximizing medical deductions
No. 26Yes, there are some good taxes
No. 27Sales taxes can mean tax breaks
No. 28Energy enhancements pay off at tax time
No. 29A look at all the capital gains rates
No. 30Job-hunting tax breaks
No. 31Couples: File jointly or separately?
No. 32Alimony payment tax implications
No. 33No need to itemize above-the-line deductions
No. 34An apple of a tax break for teachers
No. 35The IRS offers ways to save on college

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