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10 bad habits that lead to debt disaster

How do your personal finances measure up?
Select one of our quizzes below and see how you measure up when it comes to testing your debt knowledge.
Topic: No credit
Having no credit rating is often considered as bad as or worse than having bad credit. Why? Begin the "No credit" quiz.
Topic: Bad credit
Having a bad credit rating usually means you will be denied the ability to borrow money or that you will have to pay significantly higher rates to borrow it. Begin the "Bad credit" quiz.
Topic: Mixed credit
An average credit score generally means lenders will consider you a good risk. But you can always improve it, and the more you do, the more money you will save. Begin the "Mixed credit" quiz.
Topic: Good credit
A "good" credit score -- generally starting in the mid-700s -- can mean a difference of more than $500 on a $200,000 mortgage, not to mention lower credit card rates. Begin the "Good credit" quiz.

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