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Dear Personal Loan Adviser,

I’ve been trying to get a personal loan but haven’t been approved. Why, and what has to change for me to get approved?

— Dave Denied

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Dear Dave,

It depends in part on where you’ve applied. The peer-to-peer lenders do what’s known as a “soft pull” on your credit history to give you an indication of the interest rate on a personal loan, and whether you’re approved.

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Check your credit score

If you’re denied by a firm that did a “hard pull” on your credit report, the lender has to provide you with a notice of adverse action under the provisions of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

Since you appear to be at a loss as to why you were denied, your request for credit reads like it was done with a “soft pull” on your credit report. You can check your credit report and credit score for free using the myBankrate feature on this website. Checking your credit score doesn’t impact your credit score or credit history.

When your credit improves

With credit histories, time heals most wounds. While I’m not suggesting that you have to wait 7 years, most negative information drops off your credit report after 7 years.

Try again if your credit score improves, you’ve paid down some of your outstanding loan balances or you’ve celebrated a work anniversary, since the length of time in a job is a consideration in extending a personal loan.

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When you’re ready to test the waters again, look for personal loan lenders that tell you upfront that they will only do a soft pull on your credit report, so you don’t hurt your credit score while you’re loan shopping.

Good luck.

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