Weird things that can affect your salary

Church attendance
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Heard the good news? It may be better to live in a community that's dense with churches, temples and other forms of organized religion.

That's what Jonathan Gruber suggests in his paper, "Religious Market Structure, Religious Participation, and Outcomes: Is Religion Good For You?" The Massachusetts Institute of Technology economist used census data to show that places with high concentrations of churchgoers tend to have higher incomes, more education, lower divorce rates and less government welfare dependency than in other areas.

Gruber reported that if church attendance doubled in an area, household income increased by 9.1 percent. Meanwhile, the odds of being married increased 4.4 percent, and the odds of being on welfare decreased 0.4 percent.

Gruber says that if you live near people of your own religion, you'll have more opportunities to build your reputation.


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