Weird things that can affect your salary

Facial hair
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Was Tom Selleck ahead of his time? The American Mustache Institute certainly thinks so.

The heritage group, which bills itself as "the ACLU of the downtrodden Mustached American people," co-commissioned a study a few years ago with Quicken about the finances of mustachioed men. It found that growing a mustache is such a considerable distinction that those who do so enjoy a 4.3 percent higher income.

The study, which was widely reported when it was released in 2009, had just one problem: It's bogus.

Aaron Perlut, who led AMI while the study was conducted, said the methodology in gathering the data was somewhat "loose."

"Honestly, I would not cite the story if I were you," Perlut told Bankrate.

The truth, Perlut says, may in fact be the opposite: People with mustaches may even have a tougher time in the workplace.

"[I] have spoken with several Fortune 500 senior executives who have told me they were advised to shed facial hair if they wished to advance, and sadly, most of them did," he said.

So, does a mustache help or hurt? It appears the jury's still out on this one.


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