Weird things that can affect your salary

Can a mustache get me a raise?
Weird things that can affect your salary © Maksym Bondarchuk/

Ever wonder what sets your salary? Sure, part of it reflects all that time you spent in school. Then there's your experience and creativity, your ability to work with others and negotiate raises. But what other factors are at play?

Could your paycheck possibly be influenced by how you look, or the people you know?

Economists routinely have peered into the minds of American bosses to find out. What they've concluded will make you think twice before leaving for the office. Income, it seems, has been tied to certain physical and personal traits that have nothing to do with professional skills. 

Here are some of the quirkier traits that may have an impact on your salary, according to various studies over the past several years. The studies won't apply to every employer, of course, and some are less credible than others.

We'll leave it to you to decide whether any of these apply to you.


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