6 fields where Obamacare is creating jobs

IT professionals
IT professionals © Diego Cervo/
  • Median annual salary: About $71,000

Increasingly, it's a technology-driven world, and health care is no exception. Those who work at the intersection between health care and information technology say the Affordable Care Act will only bring the two fields even closer.

"The ACA mandate for the implementation of electronic medical records has created a strong need for IT professionals, which creates excellent job opportunities," says Amanda Bleakney, managing director for health services at The ExecuSearch Group, a New York City staffing firm.

According to Bleakney, there's already been a "strong uptick" in demand for IT professionals with health care experience.

The IT crowd also is benefiting from the Obamacare health insurance marketplaces. Reston, Va.-based hCentive, which is helping insurers connect to the exchanges, recently filled 150 new jobs, the bulk of which are in the IT field, according to Manoj Agarwala, the company's president and chief operating officer.

"These online marketplaces are a new technology for the health insurance market, requiring quick development of an entirely new cottage industry," says Agarwala. "In addition to software development, IT resources are required on the plan and exchange side in order to keep the exchanges up to date and operational."


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