6 fields where Obamacare is creating jobs

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  • Estimated average pay: $29.20 per hour

"Navigator" is a new class of job created by the health care law. The Obamacare navigators are charged with helping people work through enrollment paperwork. They educate consumers about the new marketplaces and determine if they qualify for a federal tax credit to save on the cost of health insurance.

The job functions are similar to those of a call center operator, says Caswell.

"Call center operators are not navigators, although both are working toward the same goal of getting people insured," he says. "Navigators are funded by either the federal government or the state-based exchanges and will provide face-to-face assistance to those individuals in need of such help."

Consumers looking for a navigator's help must check with their state's exchange for contact information.

The federal government has awarded $67 million in grant money to more than 100 local community and other groups to hire navigators. Caswell's company has been contracted by at least one state to help hire and manage navigators, who will undergo 20-30 hours of certification before they can work with the general public.

As for pay, you won't get rich being a navigator. The pay also is similar to that of a call center operator, says Caswell.


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