6 fields where Obamacare is creating jobs

Insurance sales agents
Insurance sales agents © Khakimullin Aleksandr/
  • Median annual salary: About $47,000

The Congressional Budget Office has estimated that as many as 33 million uninsured Americans will gain health coverage from the Affordable Care Act.

To explain health insurance products to the potential new pool of customers, Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies across the U.S. are ramping up operations, says Eric Lail, a spokesman for the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association, the nationwide umbrella group for the 37 separate "Blues."

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina, for example, is opening its first-ever retail stores to help enroll new customers. Lail says the Blues have more than a dozen new outreach programs underway in various states, though he says it's too early to say how many new jobs are being generated by those initiatives.

Beyond the Blues, some online listings for insurance jobs now ask for candidates who have some knowledge of Obamacare. One company with insurance sales openings shouts in its job postings that Obamacare will create an "explosion" of sales.


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