6 fields where Obamacare is creating jobs

Management consultants
Management consultants © AntonioDiaz/
  • Median annual salary: About $78,000

Health care is big business, so it's not surprising to hear that consultants, who already are involved in virtually every American industry, stand to gain at least somewhat from health insurance reform.

Garner says there may be some uptick in hiring at consulting firms specializing in health care, though he adds that there's already an "abundance of consultants right now who may be able to assist in these issues."

Still, the Obamacare online insurance exchanges, or marketplaces, the employer requirements and the expansion of Medicaid in some states all present opportunities for consultants catering to businesses and government.

For the most part, consultants are advising these institutional insurance customers on how to meet the law's requirements without breaking the bank. Consultants also are advising pharmaceutical firms and medical device makers on how to exploit opportunities presented by the ACA, and they're helping doctors adapt their practices for the potential influx of new patients.

Applicants seeking consulting jobs need top-notch math skills, says Garner, explaining that health care is becoming increasingly dominated by quantitative analysis.

The definition of "consultant" can be incredibly broad. At the same time, the pay is often quite good.


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