6 fields where Obamacare is creating jobs

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  • Median annual salary: About $113,000

"With any new law, there's always a need for interpretation," says Craig B. Garner, a Santa Monica, Calif., lawyer and health care consultant. "Not surprisingly, the larger-in-scope the law, the greater the demand for interpreters."

The more than 900-page Affordable Care Act and its many related regulations have created a bonanza for lawyers, and for more of them.

"The increased demand has two driving factors," says Garner. "First, the ACA is complicated and long (and) few people really want to read it. Second, there is an abundance of incorrect information freely disseminated (about the law)."

Prior experience with the subject matter isn't required.

"Health care law covers just about every topic of the legal profession," he says. "As a result, there are opportunities for just about any attorney to transition into health care."

But Garner stresses that even those who have invested three years in law school and several years practicing law need to realize health care law presents some very specific challenges. He points to what he describes as the "sheer volume" of health-related statutes at both the state and federal levels.


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