4 investments with higher yields and risk

4 investments with higher yields and risk
4 investments with higher yields and risk © Konstantin L/

Money market accounts are eking out abysmally low yields and even 10-year Treasuries won't get you more than 3 percent, so where can a retiree find a higher return in a fixed-income product?

While none of the high-yield options out there are risk-free, and many are considered high risk, some alternatives exist that can help retirees reach their income goals. Following are four popular investments with higher yields.

Caution: None of these is low risk, but they offer returns well above those of U.S. Treasuries and government bonds to retirees willing to face possible loss of capital and diminishing returns. OK, so they're not for everybody.

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Product Rate Change Last week
1 Year CD 0.97%  0.01 0.96%
2 Year CD 1.18%  0.01 1.19%
5 Year CD 1.67% --0.00 1.67%
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