Wipeout! Insurance for reality TV

'Extreme Makeover': Reality on the run ramps up the risk
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Extreme Makeover

What's harder than insuring a reality TV production in Los Angeles or downtown Manhattan?

Try one that is constantly on the move, involves hundreds of volunteers and holds special events on the fly.

"Extreme Makeover: Home Edition," an Aon/Albert G. Ruben client, keeps McNaught's cell phone busy.

"They're literally in a different place each week; seven days and out, build a house and move on. You never really know where they're going to be next or how many people are going to show up and help," she says. "That can get a little crazy because you have all these contractors and subcontractors coming in, and then they want to do these impromptu concerts or carnivals or whatever to try to raise money."

Does she cover the whole circus: volunteers, gee gawkers, family, friends and nosy neighbors?

"Sure," says McNaught. "Thousands of people are in and out of those houses every day. Granted, everybody signs waivers and releases, but what if a beam off the roof fell on someone's head? You want to make sure the production is covered for that. As much precaution as the production companies take, accidents happen."




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