Vacation security to avoid home insurance claim

Do sweat the little stuff
Do sweat the little stuff © Flash-ka /

Scafidi says overlooking the little things can negate all of the home security steps already mentioned.

"They are easily undermined if you leave your porch light on 24/7 and you don't have your mail and newspaper deliveries stopped while you are gone," he says.

A buildup of papers on the front stoop or a mailbox stuffed to the brim can be almost as bad as putting up a billboard telling thieves that no one is home.

Plus, an overflowing mailbox attracts another type of criminal, Boykins says.

"It is also a gold mine for identity thieves," she says.  

Boykins also suggests that homeowners put a few interior lights on variable timers.

"Variable timers can give the appearance that someone is home," she says.

Finally, McChristian reminds home insurance policyholders to keep valuables such as jewelry and important papers in a secure location.

"Don't leave them in plain sight, such as sitting on the desk in your home office," she says.


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