Vacation security to avoid home insurance claim

Arm the alarm and alert the police
 Arm the alarm and alert the police © Brian A Jackson/

A good home alarm can keep burglars out of your digs, Boykins says.

"Even security signs and stickers can be effective deterrents," she says.

But an actual alarm system might earn you a discount on your home insurance. As with locks, alarms are only good if you set it before you leave. So before you pack your bags, be certain your system is working.

Boykins suggests a monthly test. "Make sure it is communicating with the monitoring service," she says.

Scafidi says don't underestimate the value of a good alarm system. He believes technology soon will make these devices even more effective.

"In my opinion, in the coming years we'll see technology that enables you to monitor your home while you are cave diving in Barbados," he says.

In the meantime, Scafidi suggests alerting the local police department about your vacation plans. He says many law enforcement agencies have a "vacation check" program.

"Officers or volunteers will make random stops at your home and do a cursory check," he says.


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