5 traffic tickets costliest for car insurance

Ticket: Driving without a valid license
Driving without a valid license © Kzenon/

Estimated premium increase: 10 percent

Getting behind the wheel without a valid driver's license is a serious offense that could mean an extended suspension or even a permanent revocation of your license, says Worters.

A traffic ticket for driving without a license can bring a 10 percent increase in your car insurance premium -- on top of whatever rate hikes you've already seen for the underlying violations that caused the suspension, Hunter says.

According to the NHTSA, one study in California found that drivers with suspended or revoked licenses were involved in fatal crashes nearly four times more often than the average driver.

"Driving is a privilege, not a right," says Worters. If you lose the privilege and keep driving anyway, don't expect your car insurance company to be very forgiving.


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