5 traffic tickets costliest for car insurance

Ticket: Reckless driving
Reckless driving © Kzenon/

Average premium increase: 82 percent

Reckless driving is right up there with drunken driving as one of the biggest offenses that will guarantee a hike in your insurance rate, says Worters.

A precise definition of reckless driving varies from state to state. However, it generally means that you intentionally ignore the safety of other people or property. Violations can bring stiff penalties, including jail time.

While speeding certainly may be a factor, you can be reckless without pushing pedal to the metal, according to NHTSA. At least one state, Virginia, has categorized texting while driving as a form of reckless driving in some cases.

Ticket: Careless driving

Average premium increase: 27 percent

Careless driving is often confused with reckless driving, but is a lesser violation. With careless driving, you unintentionally behave in a risky manner behind the wheel, such as by changing lanes without signaling.

Your insurance will take a hit from a careless driving conviction, though the impact from reckless driving is three times greater, on average.


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