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Organ transplants
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Organ transplants

Organ transplants are serious business, which explains why insurance underwriters treat them on a case-by-case basis. Some insurers steer clear of transplant patients altogether, with the exception of some kidney recipients.

"It really depends," says Goldstein. "Obviously, corneal transplants would be very insurable, but the heart transplants and liver transplants haven't been looked at quite the same as the kidney transplants."

Goldstein says most life insurers will underwrite the recipient of a kidney transplant barring any complications, in part because it's among the most routine organ transplants. "Assuming that they're recovering from their surgery, they're doing very well, they're not having any complications from the transplant, kidney transplants can be underwritten," she says.

But recipients of liver or heart transplants may not find many companies willing to insure them.

"There just hasn't been as much experience to be able to know exactly what the risk classification should look like," Goldstein says. "I would be reluctant to say that nobody is doing that, however."


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