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High blood pressure
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High blood pressure

Just because your blood pressure has never remotely approached 120 over 80 doesn't mean you won't be offered an attractive rate on a life insurance policy.

"The industry underwrites very favorably individuals who have high blood pressure that is well-controlled and well-managed," Goldstein says. "If your physician started you on some medication and it shows by a couple of readings that you're in really good control, most carriers would look at that very favorably."

Of course, that doesn't mean that the insurer won't want to take a peek under the hood, and for good reason.

"High blood pressure that's not well-controlled can lead to a lot of end-organ diseases like coronary artery disease, stroke, kidney damage, peripheral artery disease -- a lot of different vascular complications," says Goldstein.

Still, someone with high blood pressure might qualify for a preferred policy.

"Different carriers have different categories of preferred," she says, "but yes, high blood pressure that is well-managed, most carriers would have that qualified for preferred."


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