November 12, 2010 in Insurance

Tips on insurance quotes for valuables

If you are worried about your expensive laptop, camcorder or digital camera getting lost or stolen, you may want to consider getting floater insurance quotes. Floater insurance covers the personal expensive items in your home that you don’t always keep at home, ranging from jewelry and furs to all types of electronic equipment. These items may not always be fully covered — or covered at all — by typical homeowners or renters insurance policies.

A floater policy will cover items not only lost in a disaster or theft, but even if you should accidentally lose or break the item.

What will a floater policy cover?

There are a variety of items that can be covered under floaters insurance, including:

Before you buy

Many large insurance companies such as The Hartford, Liberty Mutual and Travelers Insurance offer floater insurance coverage. If you should suffer a loss, this insurance will usually cover the actual cash value of the item, or the cost to replace your item. Do your homework to find out the exact loss settlement.