6 things home insurance won't cover

Some acts of terrorism
Acts of terrorism © Sasha Hanson/

The recent Boston Marathon bombings were a reminder that terror can strike at any moment.

The Insurance Information Institute says terrorist attacks using nuclear, biological, chemical or radioactive weapons are considered "acts of war" that are fundamentally uninsurable. Standard home insurance policies do not specifically reference terror attacks, Worters notes.

"However, the policy does cover the homeowner for damage due to explosion, fire and smoke," she says, adding that these are the most likely types of damage a home would suffer in a terrorist incident.

If you own a condominium or co-op, the policy you carry on your individual unit will protect your structure and possessions from damage related to a terrorist attack.

However, damage to common areas -- including the roof, basement, elevator, boiler and walkways -- is not covered unless your board purchases separate terrorism coverage, Worters says.


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