You've got your sunscreen and beach ball. But do you have insurance for summer fun?

Easy ridin' the right way
Easy ridin' the right way © Ljupco Smokovski / Fotolia

Easy ridin' the right way

Thinking about buying a motorcycle to rev up your summer recreation? Weigh your coverage options first.

All motorcyclists are required to have liability coverage for property damage and bodily injury that they may cause in an accident, Allstate's Smith says. Check with your agent to see if that coverage also would protect passengers on your bike.

In Northern states, bike owners who ride mostly during the warm-weather months may be able to get what's called a "lay-up" policy, which suspends all coverage during the winter except for comprehensive. That can help cut the cost of insurance.

But a part-year rider may want to consider full-year coverage anyway, even though comprehensive covers nonaccident damage, such as from fire, vandalism and theft.

"A 12-month policy is priced to reflect the length of the riding season and risks during the nonriding season for each state," says Smith.

Your accident history, where you ride, your age and how you store the bike all affect your motorcycle insurance premiums. Discounts are available if you've taken a safe-riding course, are a member of a motorcycle organization or club, or if you own more than one bike.



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