You've got your sunscreen and beach ball. But do you have insurance for summer fun?

It's not just any ol' car
It's not just any ol' car © Niklas Ramberg /

It's not just any ol' car

A classic car waiting in the garage for its chance in the sunlight demands separate and special auto insurance because of its limited use and higher value.

Insurers offer agreed-value or stated-value policies:

  • Agreed-value means you and your insurer agree on what the car is worth. In case of loss, the company will pay you the full amount on the policy, minus your deductible.
  • Stated-value policies leave your classic car's value open to interpretation by the insurer, according to the Insurance Information institute, which adds that these policies are rarely sold.

See if your insurer has the resources to help find rare parts and mechanics with the know-how to handle any damage to your baby. Ask if you'd be able to send the car across state lines to the garage of your choice.

Liability coverage is especially important with collector cars, which may have small windows or lack mirrors, making them more difficult to drive, notes Jay Quail, executive director of the Classic Car Club of America.



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