5 quirky ways to save money on auto insurance

Get down on one knee and save
Get down on one knee and save © michaeljung/

If you've been thinking about popping the big question, here's one more reason why this might be the right time: It could save you money. Plenty of companies offer auto insurance discounts for married couples, but Country Financial extends the potential savings to those who are preparing to walk down the aisle.

"Our belief was that engaged operators would begin to drive more carefully and have fewer accidents than their single counterparts," says Rick Smith, Country Financial's chief property and casualty actuary. "Our subsequent results have confirmed that engaged clients are a lower risk and deserve a lower rate."

The discount can make a big difference, especially for an engaged couple budgeting for a wedding.

"On average, we offer approximately a 22 percent lower premium for engaged drivers under 30 years old than for single drivers," Smith says.


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