5 things most Obamacare plans won't cover

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Long-term care
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Long-term care

Health insurance usually doesn't include coverage for long-term care, and Obamacare plans are no exception.

"Long-term-care coverage is not offered as part of the essential benefits; you'd have to buy a separate plan for that," Fish-Parcham says.

Namely, you'd want a long-term-care insurance policy, which can cost thousands of dollars a year and is meant to cover a stay in a nursing home or other extended care facility.

While the subsidized plans created under the Obamacare law may not cover every health care need, "the benefit package under the Affordable Care Act is fairly expansive," says Howard.

As implementation of the law continues, there may be more controversy about what it does and doesn't consider a necessary health care service, he adds.


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