5 things most Obamacare plans won't cover

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Alternative medicine
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Alternative medicine

Most types of alternative medicine -- defined as unconventional approaches to traditional medical care -- are not likely to be covered by Obamacare plans, Corlette says.

"There's a whole bucket of different services that fall under (alternative medicine), but that would include things like acupuncture (and) homeopathic care," she says.

So, for example, only a few states -- California, Maryland, New Mexico and Washington -- have chosen to make acupuncture an essential benefit covered by exchange plans, according to the industry publication Acupuncture Today.

It was difficult to take everyone's preferences into account when crafting Obamacare coverage, Blumberg says.

"There's always going to be somebody who needs something that wasn't included in (a health plan)," she says.


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