5 things most Obamacare plans won't cover

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Fertility treatments
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Fertility treatments

Treatment for infertility is another health care service that historically has been excluded from health insurance plans, Corlette says. The Affordable Care Act didn't include fertility services as a standard benefit.

In only a handful of states, couples who are having trouble conceiving can be assured that a marketplace plan will meet their needs.

Infertility treatments are considered equivalent to an essential health benefit in six states, according to Resolve: The National Infertility Association. The states include Massachusetts, often cited as the bellwether for health care reform, along with Connecticut, Hawaii, Illinois, New Jersey and Rhode Island.

But thanks to the health care law, insurers nationwide -- both in and outside of the exchanges -- can no longer base coverage or pricing decisions on whether a couple is infertile. Obamacare bars such discrimination on account of "pre-existing conditions," such as infertility.


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