'Obama-snares': 4 bad health care reform scams

'Death panels' insurance
'Death panel' insurance © Fotoluminate LLC/

Remember that whopper about the Obamacare "death panels" that would make end-of-life decisions for seniors? The factual nugget behind this fiction dates back to an early draft of the law and a provision, since removed, that proposed that Medicare reimburse doctors for the time they spend discussing advance care options with elderly patients.

Even though it was patently false, the "death panel" meme sparked a scam that purported to protect you from this fabricated threat.

"Con artists actually were advertising 'death panel' insurance in 2010," says Quiggle.

In similar fashion, scam artists seized on a real health reform provision that allows young adults younger than age 26 to remain on their parents' health plan.

"There were people trying to sell a 'new young adult policy brought to you by the ACA,'" Funk says. "While, yes, young adults can stay on their family's group policy, there is no need for a separate individual policy for them. That's sort of the whole point of the provision."

She says there's one surefire way to spot a bogus insurance sales scam: "Any mention of 'Obamacare' should trigger suspicion. If somebody is trying to sell you 'Obamacare' insurance, that should be a red flag."


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