'Obama-snares': 4 bad health care reform scams

The 'national health care card'
4 bad health care reform scams © S. M. Beagle/

Here's the setup: A caller claiming to be a federal employee informs you that you've been chosen to be among the first to receive a new federal health insurance card under the Affordable Care Act. To get yours, the caller just needs some additional information -- including, of course, your personal data, such as bank account numbers.

Allyson Funk, a spokeswoman for AARP, says there's just one catch: "There is no need for any new national insurance card." The con artists hope you'll think a card is required as part of the much-discussed "individual mandate" portion of the law, which requires most Americans to obtain health insurance.

"It's a perfect example of how scammers take a little bit of truth about what's coming and totally distort it to their advantage," Funk says.

Should anyone posing as a federal employee call you or knock on your door, Quiggle says stay on guard. "The federal government is not sending out agents to sell anything right now."


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