Is minimum car insurance coverage enough?

You may pay more for 'extras'
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You may pay more for extras

Many enhanced insurance policies often have perks for policyholders, Ryan says. For example, they may provide for free roadside assistance to drivers who have a flat tire or a dead battery.

If you skimp and only buy minimum protection car insurance, you'll probably have to pay for these extra expenses out of pocket, he says.

If you get in an accident, you may need to send your car to a repair shop for several days. Traditional policies might pay for the cost of a rental car while your own auto is being repaired. But if you only bought minimum protection car insurance, you'll probably have to pay for the rental on your own, Ryan says.

Higdon says you may even have to pay extra if you decide to switch to another provider. If you carry minimum coverage, you may not get the same discounts given to new clients who had ample car coverage with their previous carriers, he says.

"Carrying higher limits is a sign that the customer is a responsible individual, and possibly a more cautious driver," Higdon says.




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