Is minimum car insurance coverage enough?

More coverage may not be too costly
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More coverage may not be too costly

If you have a bare-bones policy and decide that you need more car coverage, you probably won't have to pay much more than you're already paying, Higdon says. "I've seen clients double their coverage for less than $10 per month more in some cases," he says.

"The difference for many drivers -- especially if they are mature and experienced -- is very nominal," he says.

However, if you need to lower your rates, Ryan suggests asking your current provider to change your deductible instead of reducing your coverage. "In order to save money on your premium, take the highest deductible you can afford," he says.

To find other ways to save, contact an insurance professional to help you find the right amount of coverage at a rate you can afford. "Agents can look at your overall financial picture and help decide the types of insurance that are best for your situation," Ryan says.




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