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Rich, famous and overexposed to risk
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Rich, famous and overexposed to risk

When it comes to insuring against life's hazards, F. Scott Fitzgerald said it best: The rich are different from you and me.

Defending a fortune against the exposures inherent in luxury yachts, priceless art, numerous homes, scheming housekeepers and running with a wealthy crowd requires highly sophisticated insurance policies that work in concert.

"Certainly there is more risk," says Kevin Desmond, personal lines manager with Chubb Personal Insurance, one of five companies that specialize in the unique insurance needs of the wealthy. "Whether the person has affluence or they are famous, it's what makes them a target."

"Liability is the place where a lawsuit can really hurt them," says Bob Courtemanche, CEO of ACE Private Risk Services, another high-net-worth insurer. "Those lawsuits can go well beyond the limits of a Main Street homeowners or automobile policy."

The kicker: "Probably 90 (percent) to 95 percent of the clients I see are not properly insured," says Patti Clement, vice president and managing director of HUB Private Client Advisors, which advises wealthy individuals.

Our team of high-end insurance experts takes us behind the scenes for a look at insuring the super-rich.




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