5 reminders from Sandy: Your car insurance

5 insurance reminders from Superstorm Sandy
Car insurance

People can be tempted to drop the comprehensive coverage from their car insurance, particularly when their vehicle is old. However, if a storm as powerful as Sandy plants a tree on your car, you'd need comprehensive for that.

The coverage pays for damage from something other than a collision. So, comprehensive covers things such as falling objects, earthquakes, hail, windstorms, floods and even a run-in with a moose, according to the Insurance Information Institute.

If your car's damage from an event such as Sandy is severe enough that it's not worth repairing, your insurer will pay you the vehicle's "actual cash value" -- the amount of money you could have sold it for before it was ruined.

Comprehensive coverage deductibles typically are $100 to $300. With a higher deductible, you'll lower your car insurance premium.


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