Insurance for peer-to-peer travel rentals

Insurance when you rent a stranger's car
Insurance when you rent a stranger's car © BlueSkyImage/

If you're planning to rent someone else's car through a peer-to-peer service, there's a good chance your existing auto insurance policy may cover you for any accident. But it's smart to check ahead of time, because rules often vary by state, says Pietanza.

"I would recommend calling your carrier to confirm that you have the necessary coverage, especially if you plan to drive out of state, or (if) the car you are renting is in another state," Pietanza says.

If your policy wouldn't offer much protection in a sharing-economy rental situation, you may wish to purchase additional coverage. Compare auto insurance rates to get the best deal.

Vehicle renters might get some coverage through the peer-to-peer travel site. FlightCar includes some basic coverage in every rental, including liability protection. However, getting collision coverage, to take care of any damage you do to the vehicle, costs extra.

Pietanza says it's important to go over the contract and understand what is and isn't covered.


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