Insurance for peer-to-peer travel rentals

Insurance if renting your car to travelers
Insurance if renting your car to travelers © Felix Mizioznikov/

Relatively new sharing-economy services such as FlightCar, Hubber and RelayRides allow you to rent your car to other travelers when you leave it behind at an airport.

From an insurance standpoint, it's a potentially "dangerous" arrangement for vehicle owners, warns Pietanza. "The standard auto insurance policy specifically excludes the rental of your vehicle to others," he explains.

FlightCar says it offers several types of primary insurance coverage so the car owner's insurance is never involved in the event of an accident, theft or a natural disaster. Pietanza says other, comparable services offer similar insurance promises, but he still advises owners to check with their carrier first.

"I would read the fine print," he says. "Some states, like New York, have no-fault medical coverage that follows the vehicle, not the driver. The policy covering the car may be required to respond first, which may be followed by a cancellation notice when (your insurer) finds out you're renting your car to strangers."


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