Insurance for peer-to-peer travel rentals

Insurance when staying in a stranger's home
Insurance when staying in a stranger's home © mangostock/

When you're booking a vacation, it's a good idea to get some travel insurance. Airbnb strongly recommends travel insurance in case of injuries or emergencies during a vacation in someone else's home.

But a travel policy won't do you much good if you damage something or hurt someone in the rental, says Ashley Hunter, an insurance broker in Austin, Texas, who runs HM Risk Group.

"In most cases, the liability section of your homeowners policy would come into play, assuming you didn't act in an egregious way," says Hunter. "A standard traveler's policy won't help you because it's designed to cover things like canceled trips and lost luggage."

Vacationers should check with their carrier before they book a peer-to-peer travel rental, Hunter advises. If your homeowners or renters policy doesn't offer enough liability coverage when you rent another person's home for a vacation, you may want to look into an umbrella policy, which can significantly boost your liability coverage.

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