7 juiciest stories about insurance claims

Did that chair just move?
Did that chair just move? © bonzodog/

Insurance claims adjusters are trained to inventory property losses. But on rare occasions, it can be tough to tell what's gone and what's still lingering in the shadows.

Such was the case when an Enservio crew returned from a fire-damaged home with one of the strangest stories Straughan ever heard.

As they made their way through the charred wreckage, the crew passed by a room several times, and each time a chair in the room had moved to a different position, apparently without human assistance. When the crew returned home that evening to review their inventory and photos, they noticed a ghostlike image in one of their photographs.

"Everyone who was on-site said that it was very, very creepy, and they had absolutely no explanation for what they were seeing," Straughan says.

The next day, one crewmember tendered his resignation.

"He quit his job," says Straughan. "It was a monumental moment for that person."

Since the incident, several interested parties have contacted Enservio to ask follow-up questions about the house.

"It was in upstate New York," Straughan says, then chuckles. "Where's Amityville?"


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