Homeowners insurance can leave home with you

Personal liability
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Say you're on vacation at the Tournament Players Club Sawgrass golf course in Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla., when you suddenly shank a drive and either break a picture window on a fairway home or injure a fellow golfer. Are you insured?

In all likelihood, yes. Your homeowners policy should cover the broken window, the golfer's medical bills, and any legal defense for claims or lawsuits -- including court awards up to the limit of your liability coverage -- all without a deductible.

Barry says that while homeowners insurance liability limits typically start at $100,000, many homeowners feel more comfortable with $300,000 in liability coverage these days, and wealthy individuals often opt for even more under an umbrella policy.

"It's good to know your liability coverage is available when you're out of town in unfamiliar settings," adds Hilliard. "Keep the phone numbers of your agent and insurance company with you when you travel so you can contact them if something like the wayward golf shot happens."


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