Homeowners insurance can leave home with you

Business loss
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If you travel for business, the computer or other work-related property that you take with you can be covered under your homeowners insurance -- within a limit, often expressed as a percentage.

"So if the equipment you use for business is (normally) insured for $5,000, it would be insured for $500, or 10 percent, away from the premises" under your homeowners policy, McCummings explains.

He warns that if you're a road warrior who travels fully loaded with a laptop, tablet, smartphone and peripherals, don't assume a claim for one of these items will be paid under the more generous terms for personal, nonwork property.

"Say you have a super Mac laptop that you use as a clothing designer," he says. "You can go back and say, 'This is my personal computer,' but if they find out that it's something you use for work, there might be a problem."

Hilliard says it's best to avoid complications. "Give your agent a call if you're taking your laptop, camera or other equipment with you to make sure you're well covered under your (homeowners) policy. It never hurts to double-check before you head out."


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