Homeowners insurance can leave home with you

Shopping theft
Shopping theft © Maridav/

Parking-lot theft leaves many shoppers perplexed, according to Hilliard.

"A lot of people think that gifts stolen from their car is an auto policy claim, but anything that is not directly related or attached to the car would go to their homeowners policy," he explains.

Your newly acquired treasures are typically covered under your home insurance. However, McCummings says some auto insurers have recently blurred that line by offering personal property insurance on their auto policies.

"It's a very minimal fee, probably about $25 per year, and no deductible applies on these," he says. "But you can only claim it once, and it includes limits, such as $200 for a cellphone, $1,000 for a laptop."

Before filing either type of claim, McCummings urges shoppers who purchased with plastic to check with their credit card company first.

"Some companies will cover you if you used their card to purchase the lost items (that) didn't make it home," he says. "Be sure to call them and ask if there is coverage. That way, you might avoid putting a claim against your homeowners insurance that might cause it to renew at a higher rate next year."


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