8 health insurance reform winners and losers

LOSER: Person whose doc is out-of-network
LOSER: Consumer losing a non-participating doctor © Tsyhun/

Some consumers who have searched on the health care exchanges for a new policy have been frustrated to learn that it might be difficult to find a plan with a network that includes their current doctor.

While Jost acknowledges that consumers could lose coverage for their preferred doctor when they switch insurance policies, he says this has always been a potential issue with health plans.

"The whole idea of the exchanges is to generate competition between insurance companies on price. So, naturally they'll try to keep prices low by asking for provider discounts," says Jost. "It's not that Obamacare has taken away your doctor, it's that you have to make the choice to stick with your doctor and pay more for your insurance or switch doctors and pay less."

If keeping your doctor is important to you, then you need to confirm that your physician participates in the plan you're choosing by carefully reviewing the available insurance plans, adds Volk.


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