6 health insurance options for college students

Skip health insurance altogether?
Skip health insurance altogether? © wavebreakmedia/

The vast majority of Americans will be required by law to carry health insurance beginning in 2014. However, there are exceptions to the rule, including members of Indian tribes and members of some religious groups.

Some college students are likely to fall into another category that has been granted an exemption, Gelburd says.

Health reform rules state that the insurance mandate does not apply to people who do not earn enough money to file income taxes. Right now, that means making under $10,000 for a single person under age 65, Gelburd says.

"Many full-time students will not be earning enough to trigger the (Affordable Care Act's) requirement to have health insurance," she says. 

Of course, a decision to skip coverage altogether is not to be made lightly.

"Students will need to evaluate the benefits of the security that the insurance provides for unanticipated medical expenses against the cost of the coverage," Gelburd says.


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