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Free car insurance
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On rare occasions, vehicle manufacturers have offered free car insurance as an incentive to spark sales.

In 2011, General Motors ran a promotion offering a year of free MetLife auto insurance with the purchase or lease of a new GM car. The deal was open only to people living in Washington state and Oregon.

"In the United States, you have to satisfy 50 different departments of insurance. So I can't imagine that GM would ever offer that kind of deal in every state," explains Elaine Morton, vice president at Morton Insurance Agency in Bartlett, Tenn.

Honda currently has an insurance freebie, also not available nationwide. The automaker provides free collision coverage, with no deductible, if you lease a Honda Fit EV, an electric car available in certain states.

The free insurance promotion has been aimed at boosting interest in the Fit EV, which Honda introduced in the summer of 2012. Through April 2013, only about 160 of the vehicles had found customers, according to reports.


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