Drying up 6 myths about flood insurance

Myth: Flood plain maps don't change
Myth: Flood plain maps don't change

Flood plains (and flood plain maps) change and evolve. Just because you weren't in a flood plain when you bought your home a few years ago doesn't mean you're not in one now.

There are a few ways you can find out about your flood risks and if you may be in a flood plain.

  • This site will allow you to put in your address and see if it's in a flood plain, and give you information on risks, premiums and agents, says Griffin. But use it as one tool, not the final word on whether your home is in a flood plain.
  • Your agent. When it comes to researching whether your home is in a flood plain, you definitely want someone knowledgeable to research the question for you, Griffin says. And, preferably, more than one agent.

And get a second opinion from a different agent, he says.

"Agents have different levels of sophistication with regard to this product," says Griffin. "You get a different answer sometimes. So you make a couple of checks to make sure you're protecting yourself."


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