Car insurance company trivia: State Farm

State Farm
State Farm © Photo by Elitist Czar
  • Founded: 1922
  • Market position:
    No. 1, with 18.39 percent of U.S. auto policies
  • Slogan:
    "Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there."
  • George J. Mecherle, an Illinois farmer turned insurance agent, founded State Farm as an auto insurance company solely for farmers, hence its name. Mecherle felt insurers were "rooking" farmers by charging them rates that reflected the risks of city driving, and he vowed that State Farm would be "an honest insurance company."
  • Pop music star Barry Manilow not only wrote State Farm's enduring "Like a Good Neighbor" jingle in 1971, he performed it for years as part of what he called his "Very Strange Medley" of themes recorded for Band-Aid, Dr Pepper, Pepsi and McDonald's ("You Deserve a Break Today").
  • The familiar State Farm logo once featured three interlocking ovals labeled "auto," "life" and "fire" after the company's three insurance products. As the company expanded its lines to include health insurance, banking and mutual funds, State Farm in 2011 deleted the auto-life-fire labels that had been in place since 1953 and made the ovals blank.
  • The 5,500-seat, multipurpose State Farm Arena in Hidalgo, Texas, is home to the Rio Grande Valley, or RGV, Killer Bees of the Central Hockey League, the RGV Vipers of the NBA Development League, and the RGV Flash of the Professional Arena Soccer League.


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