Car insurance company trivia: Progressive

Progressive ©Progressive Insurance
  • Founded: 1937
  • Market position:
    No. 4, with 8.27 percent of U.S. auto policies
  • Slogan:
    There are various slogans, including "Bundle and save with Progressive."
  • In 1936, the Ohio attorney general asked ex-law school classmates Joe Lewis and Jack Green to investigate a group that was selling shady auto service contracts. Seeing firsthand the need for honest auto insurance companies, Lewis and Green founded their own and named it Progressive Mutual Insurance Co.
  • How did Progressive get its name? "Joe Lewis chose the name Progressive as a nod to (Franklin Delano Roosevelt's) New Deal that was going on at the time," says company spokesman Jeff Sibel. "He felt that his personal views were progressive and that the progressive politics model gave everyone a good opportunity."
  • Stephanie Courtney, the actress who plays perky Flo the cashier, has appeared in dozens of Progressive TV commercials. Ironically, Courtney was also a regular on "Cavemen," the short-lived 2007 ABC sitcom built around the modern-day Neanderthal characters from a series of Geico TV commercials. And she played a switchboard operator named Marge on several episodes of "Mad Men."
  • In January 2008, Progressive signed a 16-year contract renaming the home of the Cleveland Indians from Jacobs Field to Progressive Field. Progressive is based in the Cleveland suburb of Mayfield Village, Ohio.


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