Car insurance company trivia: Allstate

Allstate © Photo courtesy of Allstate
  • Founded: 1931
  • Market position:
    No. 2, with 10.01 percent of U.S. auto policies
  • Slogan:
    "You're in good hands."
  • In the autumn of 1930, a year into the Great Depression, a friend and fellow commuter on a Chicago-bound train suggested to Sears, Roebuck & Co. President Gen. Robert E. Wood that Sears expand its services by selling auto insurance by mail. The company chose to name its new venture after a line of automobile tires sold in the Sears catalog.
  • Allstate general sales manager Davis W. Ellis created the "You're in good hands" slogan in 1950 after a hospital used the reassuring phrase about the doctor treating Ellis' teenage daughter.
  • Deep-voiced actor Dennis Haysbert has been Allstate's spokesman since 2003. Haysbert is best known for his portrayal of David Palmer, America's first African-American president, on the hit TV series "24."
  • Dean Winters, who plays the banged-up character, Mayhem, in Allstate's latest ad campaign, has endured scrapes in real life. In 2009, the actor contracted a bacterial infection, collapsed in his doctor's office and suffered a heart stoppage for 2 ½ minutes. It took him a year to recover and make his debut as Mayhem.


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