7 big health insurance changes from Obamacare

Health Insurance » 7 Big Health Insurance Changes From Obamacare

Coverage cancellations
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If your health insurer found any error on your insurance application, it could revoke your coverage and even attempt to force you to pay back what had been paid out for your claims. While not widespread, some insurers used this legal nitpicking "to weed out sick people," Corlette says.

Rest easy -- the Affordable Care Act makes it illegal for insurers to cancel your policy on a whim or because you left out irrelevant details of your health history. Insurers now have only two legal reasons to cancel coverage: outright false or incomplete information on an application, or nonpayment of premiums.

Reform makes health insurance contracts much more meaningful, Chollet says. "In many ways, there is no one less likely to fight you than someone who is seriously ill. They're fighting for their lives; they don't have time to fight their insurer, too."

Corlette says the move closes a sad chapter. "If the absence of complaints tells us anything, it's that insurance companies are generally complying with this new requirement and keeping people on policy, even after they file claims," she says.


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